Annie's "Past Featured Pages" Page

"Every good
gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father
of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."
~James 1:17~

Past Featured Pages:

January is Hot Tea Month!

Click here to visit Annie's "Time for Tea" Page!
Everybody loves Tea!!
Either HOT or Cold!! And if you don't
you can learn about Peppermint Stir Sticks!!
Annie's "Time for Tea" Page which lists all my Tea Related Pages!


Annie's "Don't Worry" Page
"The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD
is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?"
~Psalm 27:1~

Annie's "Don't Worry" Page - simple & easy hints to help you "not worry".

"Nothing that is not God's will can come into the life
of one who trusts and obeys God."
~Mrs. Charles E. Cowman~

Annie's "Lovely Christian Ladies" Page - What does a Christian Lady look like? Can people
tell that there is a difference in your life from others? Visit this featured page to find
out what a "Lovely Christian Lady" is all about. If you haven't read this page, I hope
that it will challenge you to let the Lord be the center of your life. Let the Lord make
a difference that only He can make, then people won't just "hear about"
what you believe in they will see it from the inside out!

Click here to visit Annie's Comfort Page!
Annie's "Comfort" Page --- We all need comfort and some days we need a little
more comfort then others it seems. When you have called all your friends and
they are busy or the recorder answers what can you do? Well check out my
"comfort page". I think you might be surprised that the Bible has many more answers
to your daily problems then you think!! We all need friends, don't get me wrong.
I have some great friends online and in person! The best comfort and advice does
comes from the Word of God! The "comfort page" is an older one but it can still
bless you if you haven't visited it in a while or you are new to my pages! It is set
up like a Bible Promise Book where you will find a topic then just click on the link
and it will take you to a Bible Verse related to that topic. This might be a page
that you will share with others or just visit on a regular basis!

It's that time of year again. The holidays will soon be upon us. Whether you have
lost a loved one last month or last year or ten years ago it's never really the
same without them. I have some pages that are written for you and for the people
that love you. My "how to cope" pages were written from my own personal
experience enduring the tragic and unexpected loss of my brother Billy. I hope
that these pages will comfort and help you through this holiday season!

Annie's How to Cope with Grief & the Holidays Page - lists all the related pages
Annie's "How to Help Others who are Grieving" Page
Annie's "How to Cope with Grief Suggestions" Page
Español -
La Página "Cómo Sobrellevar el Sufrimiento y los Días Festivos" de Annie
Français -
La Page d'Annie: Comment faire façe au chagrin et les Fêtes

Happy Holidays!!!
Annie's "Start Your Holiday Pages" Page
It is that time of year again to consider making holiday pages. I have a new
page that talks about this subject. I hope that this page will challenge
and encourage you to make your own special holiday pages this year.
Visit my:
Annie's "Start Your Holiday Pages" Page

Annie's "Praying Mantis & Me" Page
A la Página de "Oración de Mantis y Yo" Annie
Annie's "Bidsprinkhaan & Ik" Pagina

Past Featured Pages:

Annie's "Guest Map" Page

Don't miss my NEW Guest Map!!

The internet is an amazing TOOL that the Lord is indeed using for HIS PLAN
and PURPOSE to reach those that might never go to church or read the Bible.
You should consider allowing the Lord to use you in HIS plan for the internet.
I have many different pages on
tips and how to's you can check out. We can all
"internet missionaries" if we allow the Lord to guide and direct us. My Guest
Map page shows where my visitors are coming from and they are coming from all
around the world. So without even an airline ticket I have met and minstered to
people worldwide but ONLY because of the GRACE of God!! Always remember
that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things IF we ALLOW Him to!

Just finished up a new page: Annie's "Strength at the Broken Places" Page
It's another devotional that I read and that really blessed me.
I felt lead to share it with you. Hope it encourages you too!


October is considered "Breast Cancer Awareness Month"
Visit my NEW related page:
Annie's "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" Page
This PINK Ribbon is from
Julia's Souvenir Shop!

Annie's "Why I Have Holiday Pages" Page - Consider making your own
"Holiday Pages" this year!!! They are a wonderful evangelistic opportunity!!
I have some "
tips" pages that might be of help to you or check out my
Simple Guide to Home Page Design". Don't miss my "BEE" an
Internet Missionary Page! It has some good ideas and cute "BEE" graphics too.
You might want to get an early start on making a
or even a
CHRISTMAS page. Don't miss this chance to share your faith with others!

Annie's Thoughts about Remembering September 11th......

Click here to see my BEE page!
Annie's Bee an Internet Missionary Page - What a wonderful opportunity to
share our faith with others! This page has links and ideas to get you started.
This page is also available in:
Español & Français!

September is Honey Month!!! Use this as a way to share the real nectar and
sweetness of the Lord with others by how you live and witness without a word!
So send a friend a Free
Honey Month Email Greeting Card from Annie's Card Shop.

Click here to learn how to BEEcome a Christian!
Don't forget to stop by
Julia's Graphic Souvenir Shop
for some WITNESS GRAPHICS to use on your pages or email!
Make sure to see all Julia's Country & Christian Graphics while you are there!
I have a different one on my main page too:
Annie's Home Page

Annie's "What Tool is in Your Hand?" Page

Another NEW page for you to check out!!!
Help me bring ALL the Missing Children Home!
Click below to visit
Annie's Missing Children Page

To stay current on all my NEW Pages visit:
Annie's "What's New" Page

Learn more about the PLEDGE at
Annie's "Pledge of Allegiance" Page
For more current news on this topic during the day visit:
Annie's Breaking News Page
For all my Patriotic Pages visit:
Annie's 4th of July Welcome Page

Well it was time to change the "featured page" and I couldn't decide which of my 2 new pages to feature. So I decided to feature them BOTH!!! They are based on two different devotionals that I read recently that really blessed my heart and I wanted to share them with you. Hope you enjoy them too!

Annie's "Are You a Weathered Sailor?" Page

Annie's "Necessary Depression" Page

Annie's "Flower's and their Meanings" Page
Stop by and see what the Bible says about Flowers

Annie's What the Bible says about the Middle East Page - Did you ever wonder what
the Bible says has to happen in the Middle East? Will there ever really be lasting
peace? This is the page to learn what the Bible has to say about the Middle East!
Related Pages:
Annie's Colors of the Middle East Page
Jakes "Colors in the Bible Puzzle" Page

Annie's "Is it Really the End Times?" Page - With all that is going on in the
Middle East it is normal to wonder what the Bible says about "The End Times"!
Do you know what the Bible says about the time we are living in?
Check out this page to find out if we are in the End Times or not!

Click here to visit Annie's Easter Story Eggs Page!
What are Easter Story Eggs?
How do I make them?
What are they for anyway?
Click below to find out:
Annie's "Easter Story Eggs" Page

Click here to see my Annie's "Pot of Gold" Page
What is in that pot of gold that you are striving for?
Do you need to "cross" your fingers for good luck?
Annie's "Pot of Gold" Page to see what treasure you should be seeking!
In French/Français:
La Page de Annie: "Chaudron d'Or"
In Dutch/Nederlands:
Annie's "Pot met Goud" Pagina
In Swedish/Svenska:
Annie's "Guld Kruke" Sida

Annie's Scripture Cake Page
Consider making a Scripture Cake this year! All the ingredients are from
the Bible. The recipe is more of a treasure hunt and a fun activity
for the whole family to do together!
Español -
La Página del "Biscocho Bíblico" de Annie
Français -
La Page d'Annie: "Gâteau des Saintes Ecritures"

Click here to see the Daily Survival Kit one of my new Valentine's Day Pages!
Annie's "Daily Survival Kit" Page
Français -
La Page "Kit de Survie Quotidien" de Annie
Español -
La Página del "Estuche de Sobrevivencia Diario" de Annie

Love is patient & kind!  Are you?
Love is Patient & Kind. Are you???
Take the "Love Test" and find out at:
Annie's "Take the Love Test" Page
Français - Faites le "Test de l'Amour " ici:
La Page d'Annie: Prenons le "Test d'Amour"
Español -
La Página "La Prueba del Amor" de Annie

Annie's How to Cope with Grief & the Holidays Page
Español -
La Página "Cómo Sobrellevar el Sufrimiento y los Días Festivos" de Annie
Français -
La Page d'Annie: Comment faire façe au chagrin et les Fêtes

Were there really 3 Wise Men? What is the significance of their gifts?
Grab a camel and we'll find out together.
Click the camel to visit Annie's Wisemen Page
Annie's Wisemen Page
and in Español - La Página de los Reyes Magos de Annie
and in Français -
La Page des Rois Mages de Annie

Come and learn a little more about Annie!
Annie's Testimony Page
and in Spanish/Español -
La Página del Testimonio de Annie
and in French/Français -
La Page du Temoignage de Annie
and in Nederlands/Dutch -
Annie’s Getuigenis Pagina
and in Swedish/Svenska -
Annie's Vittnesbörd Sida
and in German - Coming Soon it is almost finished!!
and in Greek - Being translated currently!

and in Portuguese - Página do Testemunho da Annie
and in Finnish -
Annien Todistus

Older Past Featured Pages:

Annie's "Make This A Different Thanksgiving" Page
and in Español -
La Página "Haz de este Día de Acción de Gracias Uno Diferente"
Annie's "Fear" Page
Español -
La Página del "MIEDO" de Annie
Annie's "Cruise Control" Page
Annie's "Pray for the Victim's Families" Page
Español -
La Página "Ora por la Familia de las Vícitmas" de Annie
Annie's "Do You Know What Time It Is?" Page
Español -
La Página "Conoces los Tiempos en que Vivimos?" de Annie
Annie's "Treasures That Have Blessed Me Lately" Page
Español -
La Página de Los "Tesoros Que Me Han Bendecido Ultimamente" de Annie
Annie's Burst your Bubble Page
Español -
La Página "No Dejes Que Revienten tu Búrbuja" de Annie
Updated -
Annie's "Write to the Troops" Page
Annie's Bible to the Rescue Page
Español -
La Página "La Biblia Al Rescate" de Annie
Annie's Barnabas was an Encourager Page
Annie's Home Decorating Ideas Page

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Annie's Featured Holiday Page
Have a "Happy Everything"!
Annie's Holiday Page

Annie's Current Featured Page:

Annie's "Strength at the Broken Places" Page

Email Annie Page

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