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This is a page that gives tips for HTML using Front Page Express which is the program
that Annie uses. It is available free with Internet Explorer 4.0 & 5.0

No Right Click Script

Here is a question that I seem be getting a lot lately:
QUESTION: Why do you have that "no right click" script? I used to always take your great graphcs! If you are a Christian why don't you share them?
Yes I am a Christian. I can't give or share something with you that is not mine to give. I am not sure if you are aware of it or not but I don't make my own graphics. I do however have some great graphics links pages to make your graphics searching adventure a little easier. Visit my: Annie's Graphics Links Page for a list of all those pages. Back to your question. The reason that I have the script is because if I don't then I can't use the graphics that different graphics artists offer. Their graphics are "linkware" and you have to offer a link back on every page you have their graphics now. Also if you don't have the script some of them won't let you use their graphics at all. Always read the terms of use at each of the different graphics pages that you visit. And remember never to direct link to anyone's graphics. If you like a specific graphic on a page then check the bottom of the page where I am trying my best to add text links and some buttons of each of the graphic artists. On some of the older pages it is a little harder for me to play catch up because back in 1997 it was ok to just have a links credit page so I don't know where some of them came from. I do have a good suggestion for when you save graphics. It is always wise to add a new folder for each of the graphics artists so you know where they came from but also I add the name of each site to the graphic name itself. Like picturenameofsite.gif for example. OK enough of me rambling on. Hope this answers your question about the "no right click" script.

How do I add the "silent no right click" script to my pages?


1: copy the code below

<script language=JavaScript>

//Disable right click script III- By Renigade (
//For full source code, visit

var message="";
function clickIE() {if (document.all) {(message);return false;}}
function clickNS(e) {if
(document.layers||(document.getElementById&&!document.all)) {
if (e.which==2||e.which==3) {(message);return false;}}}
if (document.layers)
// -->

2: Paste your code on your page. To do this in Front Page Express by going to a spot on your page then choose "insert" then "html mark up" then paste it.

3: Then click ok

4: Near the bottom of the page add the credit for the code:

Script for Silent No Right Click Script is from Dynamic Drive.

5: Don't forget to click and save your work!

6: Now upload the page and it should work.

NOTE: Make sure you make a "test" page and then try it before you add it to your page/site.

Direct Linking to Graphics:
One of the reasons to add a "no right click" to your pages is so that people won't link directly to your graphics and steal your bandwidth. Some of the people who are new to computers don't realize that it is not right to link directly to other people's graphics. So if you belong to a message board or visit a chat room PLEASE don't link to images on others peoples sites. If you know people that are direct linking you might just want to "nicely" share with them that it is not acceptable.


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