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"Every good
gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father
of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."
~James 1:17~

Here is where you will find my "Featured Pages" and also the "Past" Featured Pages.
I will post the different Featured Pages on this page from now on. It is much easier
for me to list it here instead of changing all of my pages when I decide to change
the featured page. So stop by here on a regular basis to see
what the next new featured page will be.

Current Featured Pages:

Annie's June Holiday Page - this page has all the holidays in June

FREE Food Bank Locator for USA
Feeding America's Food Bank Locator Page!!
They have many different programs that you might qualify for
The Hunger Site has a page where you
you can click on link daily to help those in need of food! The sponsors pay cups of food.
FREE RICE - similar site that you play games for every correct answer 10 grains of rice is donated
Read their
FAQ Page to learn more about this program

FREE Movies and FREE Bowling!!
FREE things for you and the Kids to do this Summer has free movies for Kids on Tuesday & Wednesday at 10AM this summer
I saw this on the tv show
MandJShow but at Regal I can't seem to find a page about it so
call your local Regal Movie Theater and see what is offered in your area!! to learn about where you can going bowling for FREE!!!
More Ideas coming to this page for you!!

Need FREE Dental or Medical Help in the USA?
Click HERE then click on the state you live in.
Also visit my related page:
Annie's "Help with RX's" Page & Annie's Chronic Pain & Illness Page
Go further down the page to learn about the $4 RX's that Walmart offers!

FREE Health Personal Care Journal Website:
FREE Page for people or families dealing with major health problems: offers these pages with a template so you don't have to worry
about knowing how to make a web page!!! They offer guestbooks and photo pages too.
Living with chronic or acute or terminal health problems is hard enough. Just thinking about replying
to a lot of emails or starting a group mailing list is hard to do by yourself. So this site is a huge help
and blessing that will lighten your load and keep family and friends up to date on your loved one.
So stop by and start your
FREE page today!!! Please share this info with others that might be blessed by it.

Here is an interesting idea for you to ponder!!
5/4/09 - How Would You Present This Gospel on Twitter?

Do you need a Prom Dress?
Well if you need a prom dress but can't afford to buy one then you don't have to worry about it anymore!!
Check out this non-profit organization:
So if you need one or have one to donate please take the time to visit the site!!
Please share this information with everyone!!!
So many people need a blessing and now you can be a blessing in a very tangible way!!
This is an opportunity for you to bless a young person you know or even a stranger.
Donate a new or used prom dress or just share this information with others!!
One more way to help is to write down the link and share the information with your Youth Paster at church!

Where can you find information on the Swine Flu?
There are many different sites that have information:
The USA Official Site for the H1N1 is:
Today's USA Current Total Count for H1N1:
Click Here
Today's World Map and Total Numbers Map for H1N1:
Click Here
Some other sites you might want to check out:
CDC H1N1 Flu & WHO H1N1 Flu & Questions and Answers on 2009 Flu & Travel Warnings at CDC Site
Travel Warning- H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) and Severe Cases of Respiratory Illness in Mexico — Avoid Nonessential
Travel to Mexico & H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) in the United States

New Featured Pages & Information:

I have been learning about different links that are available and just sites you really need to know
about so I thought that I needed to share it with my visitors. This will be the first of
many different things that I will add to this section!

Get a FREE Cell Phone!!
Get a FREE Cell Phone!!!!!!!!
SafeLink Wireless is a government supported program that provides a free cell phone
and airtime each month for income-eligible customers.
Even if you don't have any government help and you make LESS THEN $26,000 annually
you still qualify for the FREE PHONE
So stop by and see if you are eligible for this program!!
Please share this with people in your church that might be needing this service

Past Featured Information!

Frosted Flakes now is sponsoring Plant a Seed Program!!
Frosted Flakes ran an ad yesterday on the Super Bowl!
They have a new program called "Plant a Seed"
It is simple to do and you can help get credits for a playing fiend in your neighborhood!
Follow the directions then type in a code. Then you are given a $1 coupon to print out.
Make sure you have your computer at "full screen" and your settings at high resolution.
I normally work with my screen at the lowest setting so that it is easier to read.
Go to your desktop then right click. Choose "properties" then click on "settings" tab.
I had to change my settings from the lowest at 800 x 600 and to 1280 x 1024 pixels.
You will need to download their special coupon printer but I didn't have a problem with it.
That is so that the bar code is scannable at the grocery store.
They also have some free downloads for you to enjoy!

Don't have health insurance?
Click the link below to find out what the government offers to help you!!!
SCHIP is the name of the program:
Low Cost Health Insurance for Families & Children

Baptist Press Site offers this related story: Federal child insurance includes adults except pregnant women
From the Article Above:
"SCHIP is intended to provide federal funds to states for health insurance coverage
of children in low-income families that are not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid but unable to afford
private insurance. SCHIP provided $40 billion during a 10-year period beginning in 1997.
The new measure would cost about $33 billion in less than five years."

Don't have RX Coverage?? Dealing with Chronic Pain and Illness?
Visit one or more of my related pages:
Annie's Chronic Pain & Illness Page or Annie's "Chronic Pain & Illness Tips" Page
Annie's "Help with RX's" Page or Annie's Comfort Page or Annie's "Don't Worry" Page
Annie's "Necessary Depression" Page or Annie's "Strength at the Broken Places" Page
Annie's "How to Help Others who are Grieving" Page or Annie's "How to Cope with Grief Suggestions" Page

Annie's Breast Cancer Awareness Page!
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - I have a page related to this here:
Annie's "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" Page

Yoplait has a great program that will donate 10 cents to Susan G. Komen for the CureŽ
for each pink lid you turn in.

Low Priced RX's to check out!
Walmart started a special program with their rx's so that seniors and disabled people could afford to buy
their prescriptions instead of chosing between food or their health. So if your own copay is over $4 check
out the
$4 Prescriptions at Walmart. Make sure you check and see if they have your prescription on their
list of rx's for their low price. My cousin checked his rx's because they have a very large copay and asked
Walgreen's if they are doing the same and they are doing a similar program. It does seem like buying
the 3 month supple will save you a little more but make sure you talk to your pharmacist and ask them
to help you. So please make sure you don't pay more then you need to on your rx's. Walgreen's has a
special program that you pay $13.99 for a three month supply so they do their offer a little different!
Here is a related page that I have:
Annie's "Help with RX's" Page & Annie's Chronic Pain & Illness Page

SOMETHING I FORGOT: If you live in an area that has a Publix Grocery Store they are offering
FREE antibiotics. You should give their
pharmacy department a call and see which of the six they
are offering so when you go to the doctor you can mention it to him. You will of course
need an RX from the doctor but otherwise they are free!! Thanks Publix!!

What is DTV and How does it really impact me???
3/2/08 - DTV what is the real story if you don't buy a TV that is new and compatible.
Here are a few sites to check out: and and

Here is a FAQ page and then this one is very important: What is the Converter Box Coupon Program?

If your kids are getting ready to go to college or even if they are already there you can't have enough
scholarships. There was a
segment on NBC's Today Show that gave out 3 sites to check out.
These sites will make it much easier to find those obcure and obvious scholarships. and and
Here is the article they did about the segment:
Find college scholarship money online --- Web sites offer information to help pay for college costs
Don't forget to utilize the guidance counselor in high school or college for more information!!

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