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Annie LOVES the USA and is Proud to be called an American!
I am sure that you have seen the Bravenet Free GUEST MAPS on some sites lately!
Well I just had to have one myself. I would love to see how many countries people
are coming from to visit my pages. So on this page you will find all Guest Map Logo
that you can just click and visit to see who has been traveling Annie's Home Page
lately. Please let me know if you do see any inappropriate postings
so that I can quickly remove them.

3/15/03 - NOTE --- Just learned that I can only have 90 map entries at the
"free" map status. So I will have to at times delete old or duplicate entries.
Since I have more US posts then other countries some of them may be
removed from time to time. Thanks for understanding!!! ~~~Annie


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I have visitors from TWENTY-FOUR COUNTRIES so far:
USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom,
Sweden, Japan, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Russia,
'Trinidad & Tobago', Belgium, Spain,
The Netherlands, Brazil, India, Greece, Uruguay,
Philippines, South Africa, Norway, Mexico,
Uganda, Argentina and China!!!

American Flag -- 2/03 Canadian Flag -- 2/03 Australian Flag -- 2/03 UK Flag -- 2/03 Sweden's Flag -- 2/03 Japan Flag -- 2/03
New Zealand -- 2/03 Nicaragua Flag -- 2/03 Russia Flag -- 2/03 "Trinidad & Tobago" --- 2/03 Belgium Flag -- 2/03 Spain Flag -- 2/03
The Netherlands Flag -- 2/03 Brazil Flag -- 2/03 India Flag -- 2/03 Greek Flag -- 2/03 Uruguay Flag -- 2/03 Philippines -- 2/03
South Africa Flag --- 2/03 Norway Flag --- 2/03 Mexican Flag --- 2/03 Uganda Flag --- 3/03 Argentina Flag --- 3/03 China Flag --- 3/03

Just click the maps above to be taken to a site
to learn more about that specific country!

Once I see a new country added to the Guest Map I will add their Flag below:

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