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"Thou hast multiplied the nation, and not increased the joy: they joy before thee
according to the joy in harvest, and as men rejoice when they divide the spoil."
~Isaiah 9:3~

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The seasons that the Lord has created for us are so beautiful. Springtime and Summer. Autumn and Winter.
When I lived up north I had all the four seasons. Of course in the south we don't get snow but it does get
cold down here. October is the beginning of relief from the hot humid days. I think that our blood
really does get thinner. We put the heat on if it is below 60 degrees and because it is so humid
we have a damp cold. It's time to get out our sweaters and sweat suits.

"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat,
and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."
~Genesis 8:22~

October is: Clergy Appreciation Month & Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Click the Church to visit Annie's Clergy Appreciation Day Page
Remember to express your appreciation to your Pastor this month. Be creative!
You are only limited by your own imagination!

October is also the "Pray through the Window" Month. It is the 10/40 window.

October is the 10th month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar, which is used in almost all the world
today. Its name comes from the Latin word for eight. October was the 8th month in the early Roman calendar.
It later became the 10th month when the ancient Romans moved the beginning of the year from March
1 to January 1. October has had 31 days since the time of the Roman emperor Augustus.

In the North Temperate Zone, the first frost usually occurs in October. Farmers must finish harvesting
most crops, but the cold weather does not come to stay. Days of warm, hazy sunshine still appear. They
inspired poets to sing the praises of October and Indian summer. Leaves change to brilliant crimson,
russet, and gold. Wild asters, goldenrod, and fringed gentians bloom at this time. The frost kills
many insects, and most birds have left for the South, but sparrows are fond of October. They
are seedeaters, and the fields and meadows are rich with seeds. Sparrows eat millions of
weed seeds that might otherwise damage the next crop.

Activities. Farmers bring in the fall crops and store them or ship them to market. A few fruits, such
as apples and grapes, are still on trees and vines in some areas. Many apples are harvested at the
end of October. The excitement of football dominates the sports scene, though the World Series
steals some of the spotlight. Hockey teams begin their schedules in October.

Special Days: On the second Monday in October, schools and various organizations
Columbus Day. This holiday honors Christopher Columbus' arrival
in America on Oct. 12, 1492.

Pastor Appreciation Day: It is celebrated the second Sunday in October. Remember to express
your appreciation to your Pastor this month. Be creative! You are
only limited by your own imagination!

October 18th - 24th, 2009 is Teen Read Week is the third week in
October and is sponsored by
ALA American Library Association.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!!
In Canada
, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the second Monday of the month of October!
Annie's Canadian Thanksgiving Day Page! Send a Canadian Thanksgiving Card

On the evening of
Halloween, the last day of October, children disguise themselves with
masks and costumes and go from door to door asking for a treat. For a Christian
Perspective on Halloween visit:
Annie's Halloween Page

October symbols - The calendula is the special flower for October.
The birthstones for this month are the opal and the tourmaline.


October turned my maple's leaves to gold;
The most are gone now; here and there one lingers;
Soon these will slip from out the twig's weak hold,
Like coins between a dying miser's fingers.
Source: Thomas Bailey Aldrich

There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir;
We must rise and follow her,
When from every hill of flame
She calls, and calls each vagabond by name.
Source: Bliss Carman

October gave a party;
The leaves by hundreds came;
The ashes, oaks, and maples,
And those of every name.
Source: George Cooper

"There be four things which are little upon the earth, but they are exceeding wise:
The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer;
The conies are but a feeble folk, yet make they their houses in the rocks;
The locusts have no king, yet go they forth all of them by bands;
The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings' palaces."
~Proverbs 30:24-28~

October 2009
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I add new cards when they come available so stop back regularly.
You don't want to miss any of the special opportunities to encourage others.
October is
Clergy Appreciation & Cancer Awareness Month.

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October is Pregnancy And Infant Loss Remembrance Month





Child Health Day
Shemini Atzeret - other site
Clergy Appreciation Day! & Simchat Torah
Thanksgiving Day (Canada) & Columbus Day Observed (US & Mexico)
Boss's Day
Sweetest Day (Card Link)
Teen Read Week, Oct. 18–24, 2009
UN Established 1945 & United Nations Day

Mother in Law Day

Navy Day

Send an
Autumn Card to a friend!

Dad's Birthday & The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28 in 1886.
My Nephew Allan's Birthday
End of the
Hurricane Season



8th ~~ Chicago Fire Anniversary. Celebrated as part of Fire Prevention Week.
10th ~~ Historical Day. Oklahoma. First non-Indian settlement in Oklahoma established, 1802.
12th ~~ Farmer's Day Florida. Created by Legislature to stimulate interest in agriculture, 1915.
13th ~~ Pioneers Day.South Dakota
13th ~~ Discoverers' Day. Hawaii
18th ~~ Alaska Day.Alaska. Transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States, 1867.
19th ~~ Cornwallis' Surrender (1781) Virginia.
24th ~~ United Nations Day. Ratification of UN charter, 1945.
27th ~~ Navy Day. Observed since 1922.
31st ~~ Halloween.

--. Child Health Day - First Monday in October.
Columbus Day - Second Monday in October. Celebrates the landing of Christopher Columbus at San Salvador, 1492.
Canadian Thanksgiving Day - Second Monday in October.
--. Thanksgiving Day - Virgin Islands.

Election Day is the first Tuesday in November. Send yourself or a friend an Election Day reminder card. Stop by Annie's Election Day Page too.


October 1--Free rural delivery of mail began in the United States, 1896.--First "Model T" Ford put on the market, 1908.--Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States, born in Plains, Ga., 1924.
October 2--Mohandas Gandhi, Indian political leader, born 1869.--Cordell Hull, American statesman, born 1871.
October 3--George Bancroft, American historian, born 1800.--Eleonora Duse, Italian actress, born 1859. ~
October 4--Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the United States, born at Delaware, Ohio, 1822.--Painter Jean Francois Millet born 1814.--Artist Frederic Remington born 1861. --The Soviet Union launched first artificial satellite, 1957.
October 5--Gregorian calendar introduced, 1582.--Denis Diderot, French author, born 1713.--Chester A. Arthur, 21st President of the United States, born in Fairfield, Vt., 1829.--Joshua Logan, American playwright, born 1908.--President Harry S. Truman made the first presidential telecast address from the White House, 1947.
October 6--Jenny Lind, Swedish singer, born 1820.--George Westinghouse, American inventor, born 1846.--Le Corbusier, Swiss-born architect, born 1887.--Anwar el-Sadat, president of Egypt, assassinated in Cairo, 1981.
October 7--First double-decked steamboat, the Washington, arrived at New Orleans, 1816.--James Whitcomb Riley, Hoosier poet, born 1849.--Niels Bohr, Danish physicist, born 1885.
October 8--John M. Hay, American statesman, born 1838.--Chicago fire began, and burned for about 30 hours, 1871.--Eddie Rickenbacker, American air ace, born 1890.
October 9--Camille Saint-Saens, French composer, born 1835.
October 10--Henry Cavendish, English scientist, born 1731.--Giuseppe Verdi, Italian opera composer, born 1813.--U.S. Naval Academy opened at Annapolis, Md., 1845.--Norwegian explorer and statesman Fridtjof Nansen born 1861.--Helen Hayes, American actress, born 1900.
October 11--Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, born 1884.--Francois Mauriac, French novelist, born 1885.
October 12--Columbus landed in America, 1492.--Ralph Vaughan Williams, British composer, born 1872.
October 13--White House cornerstone laid, 1792.--Rudolf Virchow, German scientist, born 1821.
October 14--William the Conqueror won the Battle of Hastings, which assured the conquest of England, 1066.--William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, born 1644.--Eamon de Valera, president of the Irish Republic, born 1882.--Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States, born at Denison, Tex., 1890.--E. E. Cummings, American poet, born 1894.
October 15--Virgil, Roman poet, born 70 B.C.--J. F. Pilatre de Rozier became first person to make an ascent in a captive balloon, 1783.--Helen Hunt Jackson, American novelist, born 1830.--Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche born 1844.--Clayton Antitrust Act became law, 1914.
October 16--Dictionary editor Noah Webster born 1758.--Oscar Wilde, Irish-born dramatist, born 1854.--David Ben-Gurion, Israeli prime minister and Zionist leader, born 1886.--Eugene O'Neill, American playwright and Nobel Prize winner, born 1888.
October 17--British general John Burgoyne surrendered his army at Saratoga, 1777.--Abolitionist John Brown and his men seized the United States arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Va. (now W. Va.), 1859.
October 18--Henri Bergson, French philosopher, born 1859.--The United States flag was formally raised over Alaska, 1867.--Pierre Elliott Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, born 1919.
October 19--First general court in New England held, Boston, 1630.--British troops under Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, 1781.--Thomas Edison began first successful demonstration of his electric light, 1879.
October 20--Architect Sir Christopher Wren born 1632.--John Dewey, American philosopher, born 1859.
October 21--Magellan entered strait that bears his name, 1520.--Hokusai, Japanese artist, born 1760.--Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English poet, born 1772.--U.S.S. Constitution, better known as Old Ironsides, launched, 1797.--British Admiral Nelson was killed defeating the French and Spanish at Trafalgar, 1805.--Alfred Nobel, Swedish philanthropist and founder of the Nobel Prize, born 1833.
October 22--Franz Liszt, Hungarian composer, born 1811.--Sam Houston inaugurated as first president of the Republic of Texas, 1836.
October 23--British began offensive at El Alamein in Egypt in World War II, 1942.--Battle for Leyte Gulf in the Philippines began in World War II, 1944.
October 24--Anton van Leeuwenhoek, Dutch microscopist and naturalist, born 1632.--First transcontinental telegram sent, 1861.--United Nations formally established when necessary number of members ratified charter, 1945.
October 25--Henry V of England defeated French at Agincourt in Hundred Years' War, 1415.--Thomas B. Macaulay, English historian, born 1800.--"Waltz King" Johann Strauss, Jr., born 1825.--Georges Bizet, French composer, born 1838.--Spanish painter Pablo Picasso born 1881.--Richard E. Byrd, American polar explorer, born 1888.
October 26--Helmuth von Moltke, Prussian general, born 1800. -- Erie Canal opened to traffic, 1825.
October 27--Niccolo Paganini, Italian violinist, born 1782.--The Federalist papers began appearing in the New York newspaper Independent Journal, 1787.--Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States, born in New York City, 1858.--Captain James Cook, English explorer, born 1728.
October 28--Harvard College founded, 1636.--Statue of Liberty dedicated, 1886.--Jonas Salk, American developer of a polio vaccine, born 1914.
October 29--James Boswell, Scottish biographer of Samuel Johnson, born 1740.--Cartoonist Bill Mauldin born 1921.--Blackest day in stock market history, 1929.
October 30--John Adams, second President of the United States, born in Braintree (now Quincy), Mass., 1735.--Benito Mussolini, founder of fascism, became premier of Italy, 1922.
October 31--According to tradition, the day Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of a church at Wittenberg, 1517.--Jan Vermeer, Dutch painter, born 1632.--King's College (now Columbia University) founded, 1754.--Nevada became the 36th state, 1864.--Sir Hubert Wilkins, Australian explorer, born 1888.


Columbus Day honors Christopher Columbus' first voyage to America in 1492. Columbus Day
became a legal federal holiday in the United States in 1971. It is celebrated on the
second Monday in October. Before 1971, a number of states celebrated Columbus Day on
October 12. Cities and organizations sponsor parades and banquets on Columbus Day.
Annie's Columbus Day Page

World Series: The American and National League pennant winners meet in the World Series. The first team to win four series games wins the world championship. The World Series is one of the world's major sports events. Played every year since 1903--except in 1904 and 1994--it captures the interest of millions of people. Many people who have only a small interest in Baseball follow the series. TV and radio stations send play-by-play coverage of the series throughout the United States and to many other countries.

Homecoming: In October, American students and teachers prepare for "Homecoming". All high schools and colleges usually have a "Homecoming" celebration with sports games (football or soccer), dances, barbeques, and parades. During "Homecoming", past students return to visit their high school or college, and they see many of their friends and teachers. Many high schools have special school days in October. On these days, all students wear their school's colors or dress in their school's sports uniforms to show their encouragement or 'school spirit' for Homecoming. Fall sports such as football, soccer, and cross-country running finish their seasons in October with a tournament or state-wide competition.

Fall Feasts of Judaism
Five Jewish holidays are celebrated in September or early October. They are Rosh
Ha-Shanah, or New Year; Tzom Gedaliah, a fast day; Yom Kippur, the Day of
Atonement; Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles; and Simhat Torah, a day of rejoicing.
Please Note: All Jewish holidays begin the evening before the dates listed.
Learn all about the Jewish Feasts & their fulfillment at:
Annie's Feasts Page

Generally here in the United States October is when the weather starts to change. CHANGE is really the key word for October.

What's happening in October?
Special days - The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28 in 1886. Did you know that the face of the statue was modeled after the features of the sculptor's mother?
Halloween brings October to a close on the 31st. Do you know why pumpkins with carved faces are called jack-o-lanterns? Visit my
Annie's HALLOWEEN Page to find out.

This PINK Ribbon is from Creative Ladies Ministry!
October is considered "Breast Cancer Awareness Month"
Visit my NEW related page:
Annie's "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" Page
This PINK Ribbon is from
Creative Ladies Ministry!

Click here to find a refuge from your Cancer
Click the image above to go to
Legacy of Hope. The graphic is from Mary's Little Lamb special Cancer Graphics.
Here is another link that you won't want to miss:
Victoria's Quilts Home Page! They donate free quilts for people
with cancer that are going through chemo so they won't be cold or feel alone.

Safety - The first week of October is Fire Prevention Week in the United States. Do you know what
to do in case of a fire? Make sure you change the battery in your smoke detector this month and
also make sure the fire extinguisher is functioning properly.

Activities - Planning a trip to see the fall colors? Make sure you find out about autumn
festivities in the "Annual events" before you go.

Fall is here and Winter is just around the corner.
This is the time of the year to start looking forward to
Christmas too.
Annie's Holiday Page
to see all of my holiday pages.
Annie's Canadian Thanksgiving Day Page


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