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"Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman
that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly
dividing the word of truth"
~2 Timothy 2:15~

October Calendars to Print & Use:
A calendar to print out and use from Sheryl's Original Graphics
Calendar Pages from Graphic Garden (this is the one that I use)
Calendars page that has links to lots of different calendars to print, color & use.
Activity Calendar for October from EnchantedLearning.Com
You can find more related links on my:
Annie's "Monthly Holiday Fun & Free Stuff" Page

October Calendar & Links Pages:
Family Crafts at has a October Calendar Page
Homeschooling at has
October Funday Calendar
Facts about the Month of October from Barb's Entourage. She also has a weekly
Bible Challenge Page for you to check your Bible Knowledge.
Annie's "October Holidays" Page for a listing of all my October pages

October is:
October is National Popcorn Popping Month
October is
Adopt A Shelter Dog Month & Family History Month
October is
Computer Learning Month!
You can even make a
Computer Monitor Frame for your computer.
October is National Clock Month! Make a
CD Clock & then visit my
Annie's Daylight Saving Day Page
October is
National Pizza Month
October is National Apple Month! I have apple links on my:
Annie's "September Fun & Free Stuff" Page
October is
Roller Skating Month Check out's Links Page
October is
Polish American History Month
October is National
Stamp Collecting Month! Here is the United States Post Office Site.
They even have a
National Stamp Collecting Month Kit - 2000 available. Don't miss the
Fun Facts page!
October is
National Dental Hygiene Month & Child Health Month.
National Home Education Week is the first week of October!
HomeSchool Page & their Congress Declares National Home Education
Week - HomeSchool Channel page
Related Pages:
Home Schooling on the Internet: The Basics & Must I be Superwoman to
Home School? & The Media and Home Education (Part 1)

Send a card to let someone know what special things are celebrated in October:
October is
Adopt A Dog Month & Seafood Month & Dessert Month
National Popcorn Poppin' Month
I have lots of other great October Holiday Related Cards on:
Annie's October Cards Page
For all my October Holiday pages visit:
Annie's October Holiday Page

Special October Birthdays:
Happy Birthday Dad!!! Happy Birthday to my nephew Allan too!!!
Do you know someone who has a birthday this month?
Send them a FREE
Birthday Greeting From Annie's Card Shop and post date them.

It's Time to get Organized: & Eight Great Helps to Organize Kids' Rooms
Print a Household Organizer Notebook & Get Organized for the Holiday Season
Household Organization - Get Organized Guide picks - Links Page offers these pages about Organization:
Clean Out Drawers & Get Organized &
Keep Financial Records Organized & Manage Your Time & Make a To-Do List.
How To's from your Stay-at-Home Parents Guide
Get Organized Week celebrated the first full week in October!

October Holiday Pages & Dates for 2009:
Annie's October Holidays - lists all my October pages
To see all the Monthly Holiday Page Links visit: Annie's Holiday Page
Or go directly to:
Annie's October Holidays & Annie's November Holidays

Kids Links:
Bible Crafts
Michael's Baseball Zone
Hole in The Pond Adventures from my friend Vickie at Paver's Nest --
Activities & Crafts Page
KidsDomain Craft Exchange Index Page - so much to do and see here
Stop by
Jake's Monthly Puzzle Page and then print it out Jake's October Puzzle.
Visit my
Annie's Kid's Holiday Page for a listing of all my Kid's Holiday Pages

Scarecrow Links:
Free Printables from Graphic Garden
Fall Harvest Stationery with a Scarecrow that you can personalize from BillyBear
Print and Make a Scarecrow Bookmark from BillyBear
Scarecrow Wall Decoration from
Scarecrow face coloring page from Original Graphics by Sheryl's
PAPER SCARECROW craft from Enchanted Learning
A Not-So-Scary Scarecrow craft idea from American Baby

Raccoons & Squirrels and other animals too:
A Baby Squirrel & Zorro our Raccoon... & Baby (days old) Chipmunks (for good measure)
Take an
Animal Quiz at BillyBear's Download some Hedgehog Wallpaper! or
Animal DoorKnob Tags then check out the Animal Scoop at
Fall Mazes from has a few Squirrel Mazes to print out and enjoy
Hedgehog & Fall
Stationery and Hedgehog & Squirrel Coloring Pages from Graphic Garden
Adopt a Hedgehog from The Recycle Bin

Fall Harvest Stuff:
The First Day of Fall this year is September 22nd, 2009
Don't forget to visit my Fall Pages:
Annie's Fall Harvest Welcome Page which has a listing of all my Fall Pages
Send a friend a
Autumn Greeting Cards! & Autumn Poem... Card too!!
Annie's Fall Card Page & Annie's Fall Sig Tags Page

Snow and Winter will be here before we know it!!!
Annie's Winter Welcome Page to see all my Winter related pages!

Bird & BirdHouses Links:
Country Crows Gift Bags; Canning Labels & Seed Packets from Grandma George
Learn the
State Birds or have fun with the Hummers at my Window from
BillyBear's Worksheet Pages
Make sure you Visit:
Annie's Birds Page

Send someone a FREE Email Greeting Card From Annie's Card Shop
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Annie's Related Pages:
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Annies's List of Holiday Pages - lists all my Holiday Related Pages
Jake's October Puzzle & Jake's November Puzzle
Annie's "Fun Online Adoption Links" Page & Annie's "November Fun & Free Stuff" Page
Annie's "Monthly Holiday Fun & Free Stuff" Page - for all the Free Stuff Pages!

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