Annie's "Bee An Internet Missionary" Page

"But BE ye doers of the word and not hearers only." James 1:22

"Go into all the world making disciples.........."
~Matthew 28:19~

You don't have to leave home anymore to be a missionary.
You can reach the world right from your living room!

If you have a computer and a willing teachable spirit then ....

YOU can
"Bee" an "Internet Missionary" too!

So grab the honey and let's learn how to do just that................

You only have about 60 seconds to catch their attention!!!

The average persons attention span is much shorter then in the past. Technology has brought us to a time when we have "INSTANT" everything.

Ask for Divine Direction

Make the Time

Open the Bible

Use Creative Tools


Your Web page is an opportunity to share your faith, use the unique talents and abilities that have been given to you and share God's Word with the world.

You need a heart for the Lord,
and a willing teachable spirit.

The Lord will surprise and amaze you. Let your spirit soar and your imagination fly.

Bee Creative

Here are some ways to share salvation:

Do you know what the key to life is???????
Click the key to find out.


What is a Christian and how can I become one?

Just click on the key above


Jesus is the Reason For the Season
Here is the best present I can give you? Just click the gift to find out what it is!

On my pages I generally use Campus Crusade for Christ's - The Four Spiritual Laws

Would You Like To Know God Personally? & Blue Letter Bible - How to Know God
More to Choose From:
Need Him & How Can I Have a Personal Relationship With God? & Knowing God for Teens
Discover Purpose - Discover Life - Power to Change & Would You Like to Know God Personally?

Another option: God's Simple Plan of Salvation - they share a simple salvation message in many different
languages. Just add a link on your page to theirs.


Click here to learn how to BEEcome a Christian!
Witness Graphics are from:
Creative Ladies Ministry

Here are some thoughts from my heart about this important issue:

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References and Tools

Don't forget to visit my other pages. Hope they will help you get started: Annie's Computer Hints Page ~~Annie's Simple Guide to Home Design and Annie's List of Great Graphics Spots. It is filled with wonderful resources: Annie's Begin the Day with Me Page. Last but not least, here is the index to all my pages: Annie's Directions to My House Page

Annie's "Research Links" Page - a new resource to help you with either helping the kids with homework or to make it easier for the research you need to make your own pages.

Missionary Links Section

Are you a CHURCH or MINISTRY? Need FREE Web Hosting?

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Annie's Simple Guide to Home Page Design

"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts:
and [be] ready always to [give] an answer to every
man that asketh you a reason of the hope
that is in you with meekness and fear:"
~1 Peter 3:15~

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BEE Bear Adoptions!!!!!!!

This is David Bear!!! This is Jonny Bear!!
I couldn't decide on which of the 2 BEE & HONEY Bears to adopt so I adopted both!!!
Thank you Erla for offering these great adoption!
I can't find the current link sorry!

They are no longer online!

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