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Annie's Encouragement Pages:

A Message for You from Heaven - This page will help you during the holidays,
when it seems the hardest time to cope with our loss.
Annie's "Barnabas was an Encourager" Page - Visit here to be encouraged or
learn how to encourage others. Many people are feeling down, lonely and blue.
As Christians we can share the Bible with them. It is full of lovely verses on
COMFORT and ENCOURAGEMENT.  Even if you are not BLUE yourself you may
know others who are.
Annie's Bee an Internet Missionary Page - What a wonderful opportunity to
share our faith with others! This page has links and ideas to get you started.
Annie's Bible Study Resources Page is a wonderful collection of Online Study
Annie's Bible to the Rescue Page - Learn how the Bible can help to rescue you
when you need it.
Annie's Bless Your Heart Page - This page is meant to bless your heart. To
comfort and encourage you. It is where I open up my heart just a little and
invite you to come in.
Annie's Burst your Bubble Page - Have other people's words ever hurt you or
taken away your joy? Well this page is where you need to head and read what
you can do.
Annie's Chronic Pain & Illness Page - Is your load too heavy to carry all by
yourself? Do you feel alone? Do you feel like no one understands what you're
going through? If this sounds like you or someone you love this is the page to
Annie's Chronic Pain & Illness Links Page - Links to other related sites. Make
sure you check the table listing different illnesses and the links to pages of
people who have survived or live with that illness.
Annie's Comfort Page - On this page you will find comfort from the Word of
God. We all need comfort! Loneliness, weariness, separation, loss, sickness and
pain can all be overwhelming. The Word of God is full of wonderful verses
that I know can comfort you. So if you are feeling a little discouraged then
visit this page!
Annie's "Don't Worry" Page - simple & easy hints to help you "not worry".
Annie's Email Encourager Page - Do you need someone to talk to? Or do you
just need a friendly word of encouragement? If so this is the page to come to!
This is where the EE's began. If you need some encouragement PLEASE visit
this page! Don't be afraid to reach out to others. God has often used Email
Encouragers who I have never met to BLESS me in many ways and comfort me
too. Sometimes I think "Who but the Lord?" could have known that I needed
to read a scripture or word of encouragement right at that moment.
Annie's "God's Rainbow" Page - There is a great poem of encouragement and
you can also see what the Bible says about the RAINBOW too.
Annie's "How to Cope with Grief & the Holidays" Welcome Page - Practical tips
and ideas for those who have lost loved ones & those who love them.
Annie's "Prayer and the Email Encourager's" Page - Do you need someone to
pray for you? This is a page where you can submit a prayer request and the
EE's will be glad to prayer for you. EE's are a large group of Christian men
and women willing to pray and encourage you. We send out a prayer mailing
each day to the EE's.
Annie's "Recipe for a Happy or Terrible Day" Page - cute poem
Annie's Testimony Page - Are you dealing with the loss of a loved one? Visit
her for my personal story of the Loss of my brother "Billy" & my personal
testimony. I have featured testimony pages here too.
Annie's "Treasures That Have Blessed Me Lately" Page - Bible Verses and
Quotes to read.
Annie's "Embroidery Thread" Page - We seem to just forget that the Lord is
ALWAYS in control and that we can trust Him.

Newer Pages:
Annie's "The Lord is my Shepherd" Page - This is the Psalm of Comfort
Annie's "A Psalm for Each Day" Page - Start your day in God's Word!!!
Annie's Cruise Control Page - great devotional that I wanted to share
Annie's Colors of the Middle East Page - has flags and information from the
Bible about the numbers, countries and colors too.
Annie's Fear Page - Are you afraid? There are some links and ideas on this
page that might just help you. Done with a halloween theme.
Annie's "Are You a Weathered Sailor?" Page
Annie's "Necessary Depression" Page
Annie's "Strength at the Broken Places" Page - It's another devotional that I
read and that really blessed me.
Annie's "How to Help Others who are Grieving" Page
Annie's "How to Cope with Grief Suggestions" Page
Annie's "What Tool is in Your Hand?" Page - not just for Labor Day!
Annie's "Pot of Gold" Page to see what treasure you should be seeking!
Annie's "Praying Mantis & Me" Page - Denise was kind enough to translate my
new BUG page to Dutch:
Annie's "Bidsprinkhaan & Ik" Pagina
Lita took the time to translate the new page into Spanish for me!
A la Página de "Oración de Mantis y Yo" Annie

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