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Related Candida/Yeast Links:

Acidophilus Links:
More information about the benefits of Acidophilus - this page explains history
and benefits of Acidophilus by NutritionNow

Candida Pages:
Here is what the CDC says about
Health World Online Candida Page - has some great links to articles by Doctors and
other sources too
Yeast Syndrome - by
Elson M. Haas, M.D. - page is really well written
Candidiasis Web Sites - has a links to tons of other sites listed
Here is what the CDC says about

Candida Personal Pages:
Karen Tripp- Candida Recovery - is a page on how she recovered from candida and did it on a 40 day program from a naturopathic doctor in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
- Anne Mears page
Mears' Candida Fighters that answers - Candida Albicans - What is it anyway?

Candida Test Pages
There are actually lab tests that can confirm the Candida diagnosis that a doctor can use.
Take the Candida Test and then read their page about
You decide what you think. Here is a
TEST page!

Remember when you are looking at long pages go to the "edit" then "find" then type in "candida" or whatever word you are looking for in the article. Sure makes it easier.

Candida & Fibromyalgia
Karen Tripp: Candida Recovery - FIBROMYALGIA

Medications that can be used & over used also:
Diflucan is a new medication that can be taken in just one dose orally and can be used proactively while on antibiotics. Here is the drug companies page for
Diflucan is a page from Mayo Clinic about the medication
Just a little interesting tidbit: Diflucan is also used for Malaria.
American Society for Microbiology
Antibiotics Upset Nature's Delicate Balance

MSG & Caffeine Links:
MSG-free- Avoiding the hidden sources
Scientists cast doubt on caffeine addiction
Chemical in some Chinese cuisine can lower cholesterol

Diet & Recipe Links:
Gluten Free Recipes
Karen Tripps -
The Diet & Recipes
Foods that can be eaten while on the anti-candida diet

Candida Books:
I just ordered a few new books on Candida and will add to the list as I find more.
*Health & Supplement book has a section on Yeast Infections
*Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution in paperbook has a chapter on Yeast Infections.
*The Candida Control Cookbook - What You Should Know and
What You Should Eat to Manage Yeast Infections by Gail Burton.
Here is a page by Karen about
great books to read about Candida.

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