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If the answer to "HOW ARE YOU FEELING?" is ANYTHING other then WONDERFUL there is something WRONG and it ISN'T in your HEAD.

You DON'T have to suffer ANYMORE!!!! I want to share with you what has helped me!

I am not a doctor just a patient who trusted entirely too many of them. This information is given to share with you what has helped me. You should always let your Doctor know what supplements you are using and any change in your diet.

How many of you have taken antibiotics and NOT been told to take Diflucan or Acidophilus?

If you have been on antibiotics EVEN JUST ONCE then you need to know this information.

Unfortunately the DOCTOR is probably not going to be the one to tell you about this. Many if not MOST of all the Doctor's will just dismiss this idea or the possibility of it helping your health problems. Remember that IF they have given you Antibiotics without encouraging you to eat yogurt and or take an antifungal then they might indeed be "responsible" for many of these problems that you are needlessly enduring. Of course they can't admit that it exists because then they might just be liable. OK enough of that.

Here are a few questions for you to ponder:

Have you been sick forever?
Do you have Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue, and or Fibromyalgia?
Do you have sinus and allergy problems?
Do you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and problems eating different foods?
Does it seem that you can't loose weight no matter what you do?
Do you wonder where your mind went and what happened to make you lose it?
Are you tired of hearing that nothing is wrong with you?
Do you hurt more when it is damp outside?
Can you sit down and eat a box of crackers, bag of pretzels or your favorite snack and feel like you NEED more even if you aren't really hungry?
Do your muscles ache? Is your neck tight and sore?
Do you hurt ALL OVER?

If you tried everything else and you are still in pain, depressed, anxiety ridden, exhausted and "NOTHING IS WRONG" with you then I have ONE MORE THING FOR YOU TO TRY!!!

AND IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!

You quite possibly have Systemic Candida.
Acidophilus, Caprylic Acid and other supplements are going to be the KEY to resolving your health problems!!!!

Check this definition of Systemic Candida and see if it might be describing you!
"Candidia albicans is a yeast like fungus that inhabits the body and can
get into the blood stream, and sometimes gets out of balance and takes
over. Candidiasis can effect various parts of the body most common being the
ears, nose, gastrointestinal tract, and bowels. Other areas or symtpoms
known to occur with Candida overgrowth are muscle and joint pain,sore throat,
congestion nagging cough, numb hands, legs, or face, tingling sensation, vaginitis,
kidney and bladder infections, arthritis, depression, hyperactivity, hypothyroidism,
oral thrush, athlete's foot, ringworm, and jock itch.

Changing our diet can lower the levels of Candidiasis, by avoiding some
foods and adding some supplements like essential fatty acids (flaxseed oil
ect) and garlic oil suppresses the Candidiasis growth."

Dr. S.M. Baker's site (whom I have not seen professionally) mentions these illnesses connected to "yeast": "Depression; eczema; inability to concentrate; IBS (inflammatory bowel disease); multiple allergies to foods; inhalants and chemicals; endometriosis and a wide variety of other health problems are sometimes related to the so-called yeast problem."

Candida or Yeast Infection can be the cause of all your pain and even depression.

Now before you tell me that you don't have it, let me tell you that if it is untreated for a long period of time, it can feel like you have many different illnesses. It will seem like a miracle once it is treated and your diet is changed.

Now even if you think that I am crazy and that it isn't going to work just give me the benefit of the doubt. It is not really expensive and it can't hurt you.

You can buy a bottle of Acidophilus & Caprylic Acid. Yeast Cleanse is a great product with a combination of related supplements. I have used it and it is a good one to get you started. For the Acidophilus start with 2 tablets then every time you would pop a tylenol or are hurting then take 1-2 more. The Caprylic Acid kills the Candida and the Acidophilus replaces the lost "good" flora. There are other supplements that you should consider using.

If you can only afford one item then go with the Caprylic Acid and eat plain yoghurt to replenish your good flora. It will take longer but give you a good start.
If you only want 2 items then the Yeast Cleanse and the Acidophilus.

Next you will want to make sure you check all the ingredients in the foods you are eating and even your vitamins. You will find that there is YEAST in whatever you like or crave. I was amazed when I checked different things.

Here are just a few:
Goldfish, pretzels, Lipton's Soup (my favorite), saltines, pizza, and many frozen dinners.

Take the Candida Test and then read their page about Candida.
You decide what you think. Here is a
TEST page!

Harvard's Website has this page to explain CANDIDA!

Now that you are aware of the possiblity that this may help you it is time to do some research and reading before you decide what to do next. I have some more pages about Candida listed below.

The Yeast Challenge is a quick easy and inexpensive way to see if eliminating YEAST from your diet might help you to feel better.

I hope that this information will help give you some relief from your own chronic pain and illness. It is truely amazing that something so easily dealt with is so often never considered. I have a few different pages for you to explore but there are even more listed on my How Are You Links below.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. You need to be sharing all of the different supplements that you are using with your doctor because there can be different interactions that may cause problems with other medications that you are using.

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