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~~Operation Dear Abby CANCELLED for 2001~~

NEW - I have a NEW way for you to write to some
of our Troops!!
Thanks to Wendy of Military Mom's!
So stop by my NEW
Annie's "Write to the Troops" Page

2001 - Message from America is sponsored by Circuit City
and is a way for you to send recorded messages to our troops to show your support!!!

Here is what the site says: "Go to any Circuit City store between November 26th and
December 31st and videotape your holiday wishes and messages of support for the
extraordinary men and women serving overseas in the United States military."

12/6/01 -
is a link from the Military with a secure way to send holiday messages to our troops!!!
11/5/01 -
American Family Association Sponsors Letter-writing Campaign
Express Your Gratitude To Our Armed Forces

"I thank my God, making mention of thee always in my prayers,"
~Philemon 1:4~

Cancelled for 2001!!


One way to contact and write troops is to make sure you have an address!!
So ask your church for a list of people that have family in the military on active duty and see if you can write them!!!

I just finished a page with information from Wendy of Military Mom's
on a way that you CAN send some mail to troops this year!!
Annie's "Write to the Troops" Page

Do this as a Group Activity!
Consider using this idea for a group activity for your Youth Group, Seniors Group, Women's Group or even your Sunday School Class.
Home School Families might consider doing this for a Unit Study or School Project.
All families should consider doing this as a Family Activity as part of your Holiday Traditions.

This is how a Church group used "care packages" as a ministry to there Youth that were away at College & Service People overseas:
"The Congregational Care Committee together with the United Methodist Women will be sending care packages to our church members and friends in college and the armed services. Please help us minister to our young people." First United Methodist Church - Frisco - Frisco TX.

Suggestions for SMALL Items to Include in Your Cards:
1: Stamps
2: BookMarks
3: Tracts
4: Small flat plastic coated Calendars
5: Phone Cards
6: Visit your local Christian Bookstore to see what other small items that they have.
Just Remember: Mail is limited to First Class letter mail only,
and must weigh
13 ounces or less.

Here are a few ideas for "Care Packages":
PLEASE REMEMBER: Care Packages may ONLY be sent to service people
that you know and that you have an address for!
1: The little sample size toiletries.
2: Newspapers or Magazines
3: Food that is non perishable.
4: Prepaid Phone Calling Card
5: Disposable Camera
6: Chapstick
7: Single Coffee or Tea Bags
8: Chewing Gum
9: Books on Tape or Paperback books
10: Bible and Devotional Books.

"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,"
~Philippians 1:3~

Don't forget those that are left at home!
Here are just a few ideas:
1: Pray for them.
2: Invite them to go to Church with you.
3: If they are without extended family then invite them for Dinner or for the Holidays.
4: Offer to babysit at NO CHARGE!!!
While you are here send an email to someone you know that has a son, daughter, wife or husband who is away from home serving our country. Let them know that you are there if they need you and that you are praying for them too!!!!

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Letters to the Front Contest -
2000 Contest is just about over. The admission dates are from 9/4/00 to 11/11/00. Check out the Letter Writing Contest Winners for 1999
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Military Postal Service Agency
-New Item - 2000 Military Mail Christmas Mailing Dates- - PDF Format
SOS - Support Our Soldiers - they have some great ways to support the Troops all year round.

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Learn How To:
Mail Holiday Cards Abroad & Mail Holiday Cards Within the United States & Mail Holiday Cards From Canada to the United States & Bring Joy to a Service Person Overseas During the Holidays

Click here to send an email card
To send an encouraging email greeting card visit Annie's Card Shop.
"Message to Soldiers" cards will be available closer to Christmas.

Share this information with others:

Just go to the top of the page and choose "File" then "Tools" then "Send a Link" and mail this page to all your friends. Lets try to make sure that everyone gets a special letter this Christmas. Let them know that they are not alone and that someone is praying for them.

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