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"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon
His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty
God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."
~Isaiah 9:6~

My other "
alternative" pages were so popular and helpful to many of you
that you suggested one for
Christmas. So here it is and just for YOU!!!

Christmas History and Questions:
What does the Bible say about Christmas?
How did it start? Is it really Jesus' birthday?
Visit: Annie's Christmas History Page
Did you know that Jesus literally fullfilled many prophecies in the Bible?
Check out this page:
Annie's "Jesus-Messiah the Fulfillment of Prophecy" Page

Annie's Alternative Christmas Suggestions:

1) Celebrate
Advent this year. Here is an Advent Chain and Advent Boxes to make!
Don't miss my:
Annie's Advent Calendar Page

2) Work on a Bible Reading Family Program for each day of December
Annie's "A Psalm for Each Day" Page ~For December 2003~
Annie's Verse A Day Page - December

3) Ring Bells one Saturday as a Family for The Salvation Army.

4) Plan and choose a church to go to for a Christmas Eve Service.

5) Start this year to "change" your decorations from Santa and Elves to Angels
and Candy Canes or even Bells and Ribbons. Here is one:
Nativity Ornament

Click here to find out how to become a Christian!
6) Hand out Christmas Tracts:
Chick Tracts Christmas Page
7) Spend a Saturday volunteering! Consider the
The Salvation Army or even Habitat for
Humanity. Choose something that you can do as a family!!! Check into your local charities
maybe a soup kitchen or food pantry even a thrift shop could use your families talents!
8) Check for
"Alternative Christmas Fairs" in your area!

9) Have a Baking Party or a Christmas Cookie Celebration!

Happy Birthday Jesus Cake!
10) Have a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party for family and friends!
11) Have a Sunday School Celebration or a Christmas Party!
Here is
The Frugal Life's -- Christmas Party Page

12) Buy NOTHING??!! Check out this site: Buy Nothing Christmas Page
Another link:
Simplify the Holidays

13) Make some
"Recycled Crafts" to give this year.

14) Have everyone in the family make a Christmas Ornament!

15) Make your Christmas Cards this year. Consider sending out a Family Christmas Letter
and all work together on it. For those that are online on your Christmas Card list:
Send an electronic holiday card

16) Decorate the house with Poinsettia Plants! Related Links:
Poinsettia Fan Craft &
P p is for Poinsettia Poster & Coloring Page & Poinsettia Activities!
Annie's Poinsettia Page
17) Make Calendars for Family Gifts this year!

18) Take the Family to a Ballet or Concert and make this a new family tradition!

19) Go Christmas Caroling as a Family!

20) Read the Bible Story on Christmas Eve right from the Bible!

Michelle's Lil' Cuties offers this WWJD Graphic!
21) Make "Witness Crafts" for family and Friends. Consider a "wordless" book
or a WWJD bracelet or
Witness Bracelets and more! Here is a Witness Rocket!
I also found this related craft:
Contagious Christian
22) Make Bible Verse Bookmarks. Or even a bookmark with all the names of the
books of the
Bible for easy reference.
23) Make and Give a
"Devotional or Prayer Basket" with supplies and pens and books, etc.
24) Consider giving each family member a new Bible or just a new
Bible Cover this year!

25) Make a
Gingerbread House with your kids or your nieces and nephews!
Stop by my
Annie's Gingerbread Welcome Page for some Gingerbread fun!

26) Make special Pot Pourri in Mason Jars for gifts!

27) Play some Christian or Bible Games with hot chocolate and a roaring fire!
Maybe Bible Pictionary or make Scrabble only related to the Bible and seasonal stuff
for the words that will be allowed.

28) Have an old fashion Hymn Sing around the Piano or do Christmas Carol Karoke
with CD's or Cassettes or old fashioned Records & Turn Table??!!

29) Deliver meals for "Meals on Wheels." During the month of December and Christmas.
The regular volunteers may be out of town during the holidays so extra
help may be needed.

30) Buy a "live" Christmas Tree and plant it in your garden after Christmas. Of course
in Florida that might not work!!! Check Out:
All About Christmas Tree Care

John 3:25a - Then there arose a question...
Joel 2:19a - Yea, the Lord will answer...
31) My son Jake has some great Christmas puzzles you can do online or print out and
do offline. You can even play and see who finishes first for a small prize.
Jake's December Puzzles Page - lists all of the related Puzzles for the Month
Jake's Top 10 Page & Jake's Holiday Puzzle Page & Jake's Monthly Puzzle Page

Send a FREE Email Greeting Card:
Crossword Puzzle Day is December 21st!
Crossword Puzzle Day is December 21st!

Christmas Crafts Links:
The Christmas Page from
snowman from an old lightbulb
new ornaments for 2003 Craft ideas
Recycled Christmas Craft Ideas
Recycled Holiday Crafts
42 Ways to Trim Your Holiday Wasteline
JoAnn's Craft Store Online offers: Holiday Ideas and Crafts
Inexpensive, Creative and Eco-friendly Gift Ideas
Family Crafts from
Advent Wreath Craft & Bell Angel Craft & Christmas- Stand-Up Nativity Craft

Related News Items:
Alternative Christmas gifts brighten the season for the world's poor
No-brainer gift ideas for the cash-strapped

Sunday School Lesson Plans:
Christmas Ideas -- particularly suitable for smaller Sunday schools
Jesus was a special Baby & Mary Tells Her Good News
Christmas Play & Christmas Poem & The Three Wisemen
Angel Paper Chain Craft & Puppet Show & Christmas Lessons
Christmas Lesson Plans from The Lesson Plans Page

Ideas & Recipes for Gift Ideas:
Gift ideas to make
Inexpensive unique Christmas gift ideas,unusual cheap birthday gifts ideas,frugal...

Alternative Christmas Ideas Links:
Alternative Christmas Celebration
Making Christmas Meaningful - has some great suggestions
Keep Christ in Christmas - a related page by my friend Leah of House2House Ministries
The Heart of Christmas is Christ

Christmas Party Suggestions:
Ideas for Christmas parties

Annie's Christmas Related Pages to Visit:
Annie's Advent Calendar Page - has a craft, fun and devo link for each
day of the month
Annie's Christmas Ideas Page - has something special for each day
of the month of December
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