Annie's "Resurrection Cookies for Grandparents" Page
~Also known as Easter Story Cookies~

This is a page to help Grandparents take part in the Resurrection Cookies even if they can't be with their
Grandchildren on Easter Morning but live in the same town. Thank you Nancy for sharing this creative
option for the Grandparents that visit my pages!!


Dear Annie,

What I do with my grandchildren since they live in the same town but parents
want them home Easter morning is:

I pick up the children and bring them to my house the night before Easter.
Making the Resurrection Cookies are the last thing we do before I take them home.

When we start our cookies, I call each house and tell them to start their ovens.

We make the cookies. Seal my cookie sheet into my oven.

Then each household has a cookie sheet of unbaked cookies to take home.
We seal each sheet of cookies into ovens as I drop the children off home.
I leave a paper with the morning story & scripture at each house too.

We've all had fun together and in the morning each household gets to wake up to
the "rest of the story" and cookies.

My kitchen is the only one that has clean up to do and each set of parents have
had an hour or so of quiet time.

This might be helpful to other grandparents or friends of children.

Nancy Bowker


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