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~2008 Summer Olympics in China~

Olympic Related News:
205 Nations were Invited to 2008 Summer Games -
Full Coverage on Olympics from Yahoo News or try MSNBC.COM's Full Coverage of the Olympics
This is the official site for the:
Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games
Upcoming Olympic Games:
Vancouver 2010 & London 2012 & Sochi,Russia 2014

You will find lots of great links; TV listings and Olympics News on this page.
I will be adding to this page on a daily basis. So stop back by regularly.

Did you know that you CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE?

Yes, you can make a difference in this year's Summer Olympics. You can be a part
of changing someone's life forever. Ok. You are probably saying "What can I do?
I can't go there. What are you talking about?"

Well I am talking about PRAYER. Every Christian can be praying.
What else can you do as a Christian? Check my suggestions below.

Here are a few practical things that any Christian can do
during the Olympics right from their home:

1: As you watch the games pray for each participant. Pray for their salvation.
If they are believers then pray for their walk with the Lord.
2: Pray for the safety of the athletes.
3: Pray for those that are in Beijing, China for Outreach and Evangelism.
4: Pray for the Lord to give the workers divine appointments. Pray that the Lord
would open and prepare the hearts of those that need to hear the Word of God
and the message of salvation.
5: Consider have a small gathering with other believers. You can watch the events
together and pray in agreement for the athletes and workers.
6: Have a few visitors over that are not Christians. Share with them what the
real "victory" is.
7: Consider renting or borrowing from the library the movie "Chariots of Fire" a true
story about a Christian and his choices relating to the Olympics of his time.
8: Use your own thoughts and ideas. You are only limited by your own imagination.

I will post the RESULTS for the
TOP 6 Medal Holding Countries!

~This will be updated each day~
~As of 8/29/08 5 PM American Eastern Time~

COUNTRY ------ Total Medals
USA ---------------- 82
China ---------------- 79
Russia ---------------- 45
Great Britain ----------- 37
Australia -------------- 36
France ---------------- 30

MSNBC Source for Olympic Medals
For the Full Olympic Medal standings
click here!

Click for Beijing, Beijing Forecast
Fun Stuff:
Click the weather image above for the Olympic Beijing Weather
Here is another weather source for
Spirit Postcards from Scholastic
Jake's Olympic Scramble Page & Jakes Olympic Scramble Answers Page

Olympic Daily News:

News Sites:
Source: Baptist Press Sports Page
International Olympic Committee
Full Coverage on Olympics from Yahoo News or try MSNBC.COM's Full Coverage of the Olympics
This is the official site for the:
Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games
Make sure you also visit:
Annie's News Sources Page

Christian Olympic Links:
Source: Baptist Press Sports Page

New Christian Olympics News Items:
8/20/08 - Olympian ready to showcase his sport
Decathlete once was a rebellious teen
Bronze medalist thanks God through running
Gold medals by 2 Christian athletes come by faith
Triathlete relying on God's strength
Sprinter seeks platform for faith
8/17/08 -
Olympics rower - 'God is my biggest fan'
'Lost Boy' sees Olympics as second chance
8 Americans make new friends in Beijing
Olympian finds victory over fear
Olympian to teach at Baptist school
At Beijing church, 'all nations' worship
8/12/08 -
Outfielder credits prayer for helping him make Olympics
Olympian to teach at Baptist school
8/11/08 -
China celebrates opening ceremony
At Olympics, believers carry hope into Beijing
Olympic archer- Faith is most important
Archery became Olympian's family sport
Cyclist's perseverance lifts her to Olympics
By rowing, Olympian intends to worship
Source: Baptist Press Sports Page

More Christian Olympics & Other Related Stories:
5/20/08 - Baptists share 'More Than Gold' in Beijing
Decathlete wakes up to God's expectations
Olympics hoops star sustained by faith
Olympians Gather for Prayer, Outreach
5/17/08 -
Beijing coerces churches to not meet
Free Bibles available at Olympics
8 Americans make new friends in Beijing
Chinese Christians Plead for Relief as Olympics Continue
Mongolia- Two Missionaries Released from Detention
China Adoptions- Families Tell Their Stories
8/12/08 -
LETTER FROM CHINA- Ignorance about Chinese is inexcusable, Lottie Moon said
8/11/08 -
China, the Olympics and the Bible
Christianity Growing in China
Found 8/10/08 -
Permanent Link- Bilingual ESV Bibles Provided Free During Olympic Games
More Christian News Sources:
Baptist Press is now covering Sports at BP Sports
CBN News:
Beijing Olympics Special Section & Crosswalk News

Christian Sports & Ministry Links:
Sports Spectrum
National Christian College Athletic Association
BPSports and Baptist Press
Operation Blessing in China
Samaritan's Purse offers a Multimedia Presentation: Standing with China and the Church

Olympic Pages for Kids:
Interesting Olympic Facts & Olympic Games Past and Upcoming & Athens 2004
Free Sports wallpaper from
Sheryl's Original Graphics (click on the FREE STUFF link)
Kid's Domain offers a
Sports Page & Olympics Page
Kids Turn Central:
Beijing Olympics Game
Sports Illustrated for Kids
Olympic Page
Olympic Games for Kids
Olympics Theme Unit

Jake's Olympic Scramble Page & Jakes Olympic Scramble Answers Page

TV Olympics Links & Listings:

Olympic TV Pages:
NBC is the network that is covering non stop Olympics Events
Make sure you check out: MSNBC, CNBC, USA Network and Oxygen Network TV Listings Page they have a special page here: Olympics TV Schedule
AOL TV Section or TV Guide Online
The best coverage is Prime Time TV viewing on

Don't worry if you are not at home to watch TV!!!
If you have cable make sure you set the DVR to tape the shows while you are sleeping or at work!
If you don't have a tv where you are you can always check on line at
And if you are more high tech then me you can watch on your phone or check out a PODCAST or BLOG!!!
They have
a section where you key in your zip code for live Olympic Video

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