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~Celebrated the last Monday in the month of May~
~Monday May 30th, 2011~

"To live in the hearts of those you leave behind is never to die"
~Robert Orr~


If you asked most Americans if they "loved" their country they
would probably say YES. But there are many different meanings
for the word LOVE. You can love a car and love a person but
you would love them in a different sense of the word.

The BEST kind of LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL love. And the Best
kind of unconditional love comes from the Lord. His love is all
knowing and faithful. We need not try to PROVE our love for Him
because He knows all about us and yet still loves us.

God loves you so much that He sent you His son Jesus.

Do you?

If you have not asked Jesus into your heart then stop
right now and think about it. It is really easy to do!
Click the blocks below to find out.

Click here to find out how to Become a Christian!!
Here are some other pages about how to become a Christian:
How to Know Jesus
or Read The
Wordless Book online.

If you are already a Christian then you need to be reading
Bible and praying every day.
Here is a good online devotional page for you to visit:
Today's Devotional from Keys for Kids
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In the United States, Memorial Day is on the last Monday
in May and honors Americans who gave their lives
for their country in wars.

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Memorial Day Recipes and Cooking Ideas:
Memorial Day weekend usually means that Summer Time is upon us.
So let your Dad or Mom know that you can't wait for them to have
a Cook Out and have a BIG BBQ!!!! I have some links to share with
your Parents on this page:
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Check out
Sears Online closer to the holiday for fun things to do!
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American Heart Wreath
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Click here to get your own cute graphic for your web page from Billy Bear!
You can get a graphic like this one at
Billy Bear's God Bless America Page. They have US Flag Jigsaw
Puzzles and Desktop Wallpaper. There are lots of things to Print Out
and Bookmarks too! Check out
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for a listing of all my Patriotic pages!


Memorial Day Email Cards:
Memorial Day is observed Monday May 30th, 2011.
Send someone a FREE
Memorial Day Card now
and post date it for delivery on May 30th!!!

Click here to send a Memorial Day card
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