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The Lord has answered my prayers about having my pages translated into French. Anne Marie who is from Morocco has offered to translate my pages. We have started with my Testimony page and are working on a few Christmas pages now. Please be in prayer for Anne Marie. WOW isn't the Lord amazing? I never would have imagined that He would provide someone to help from half way around the world. Thank you so much Anne Marie for offering to do the French Translations of my pages.

Here is the first page that she has translated for us:
La Page du Temoignage de Annie

Below is the old prayer request:
6/18/01 - Today the Lord really laid on my heart that I need to translate many of my pages into French. BUT I do not speak French fluently. I did take French classes in high school so I can understand a little but certainly not enough to translate any of my pages. I know that just using an online translation program won't really do the translation that well. So I am asking for someone to volunteer to help me with translating my most popular pages into French. Maybe we can just use the online generator and then you can check it for me. Then you would just need to tell me what doesn't translate correctly. So if you feel that you might have enough time to just translate one page for me that would be one more page in French then I already have now. Which is only one French page. Please email me at if you feel led by the Lord to help me with this.

Translating my pages into other languages:
One of my visitors was kind enough to share an online translation page that she is using. So until I hear back from people on individual page translation you can translate my pages HERE. Please remember that it won't be totally accurate.

Banners from Donna of HoneyBrook Graphics for my French & Dutch Pot of Gold Pages.
Here is the English link:
Annie's Pot of Gold Page

These Pages were Translated for Annie by
Anne Marie from Anne Marie's Graphics

Annie's "French" Pages:
La Page de Annie: "Faites le Test de l'Amour"
La Page d'Accueil de la Saint-Valentin de Annie
La Page "Kit de Survie Quotidien" de Annie
Page à imprimer de Annie-le Kit Quotidien de Survie
La Page de Annie: "Ne vous Inquiétez pas"
La Page d'Annie: "Gâteau des Saintes Ecritures"
La Page de Annie: "Chaudron d'Or"
La Page Halloween de Annie
Annie's List of Foreign Languages Pages
La Page du Temoignage de Annie
La Page des Rois Mages de Annie
La Page d'Annie: Comment faire façe au chagrin et les Fêtes
La Page d'Annie "Soyez une Abeille Missionnaire d'Internet"
Annie's "Top 6 Most Visited French Pages" Page

These Pages were Translated for Annie by
Anne Marie from Anne Marie's Graphics

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