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~~~~~~~Celebrated on April 22nd Each Year~~~~~~~~

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
~Genesis 1:1~

"The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world,
and they that dwell therein."
~Psalms 24:1~

Links to Christian Sites on Creationism:

The Christian Answers Net - Creation/Evolution & Science and the Bible-Answers to Frequently -Asked-Questions.
The Biblical Creation Society
Institute for Creation Research
The Noah's Ark Project
Created Earth Day
The "I Am" Project: Even the first page is graphically wonderful and reminds how BIG God
is. This is an illustrated site of the Bible. Well worth the visit!
More evidence of creation
Peggie's Daily Booster Christian Devotional for Earth Day 2001
The Creation Story - Bible Themes and Activities

Scientific evidence proves that creation, not evolution is the only
viable explanation for the origin of life.

Earth Day is Celebrated on April 22nd Each Year.

More Earth Day Links:
Please be wise and discerning as you travel on the Internet.
The links below are to pages that are not mine.

Earth Day by Jeanne
Earth day at the Earth Site Home Page
Earth Day 2000 by the Wilderness Society
Earth Magna Charta
Earth Day Network Home
History of The Earth Flag
Earth Day Canada
Earth Day Flag
How will the Farmers Celebrate Earth Day?
EE-Link- Classroom Resources-Directories
National PTA Earth Week 1999's Earth Day Celebration

Nature & Science Links:

National Audubon Society
The Nature Conservancy

Earth Day Fun on the Internet:

Ranger Rick's Activity of the Month - Bugs, tracking animals and birdfeeders are only a few of the activities to enjoy.
Explore the Outdoors - For Kids! But I always enjoy learning with graphics and fun activities and I am far from a child......SMILES
Arctic Refuge Wildlife Coloring Book
Send an Earth Day Postcard
Discovery Channel Online
Crafts for Earth Day - lots of great things to enjoy and explore
Earth Day Crafts - "Earth-friendly crafts and several ideas for making the planet Earth including this Tissue Paper Earth..........."
Earth Day from WorldBook Online

Featured 2001 Site of the Week by
Christian Teens at

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