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This Angel in my Pocket was a gift from Al of HeartNuggets
Angels, Angels and more Angels!!!
Angel Adoptions, Fun, Craft & Print Out Links:
Graphic Garden has Angel Stationery with and without links to print out and use
Angels guide us bookmark & Angels stardust Stationery from Sheryl's Original Graphics
2 Different Angel Coloring Pages & Angel Desktop Wallpaper from the
Graphic Garden
Christmas Angel Coloring Page from Sheryl's Original Graphics
Angel Lined Writing Paper from Miss Price's Graphics
Cassandra's Lil Creations offers
Guardian Angel Bookmarks
Country Angel
Gift Bags & Seed Packets & Stationery & Notepads & Recipe Cards &
Shopping List & Bookmarks & Magnets & Candy Wrappers from Grandma George
Angel Friends Adoptions from Kris's Country World
Adopt a Praying Angel from
Mitzi's Country Christian Home
Adopt a CUTE Christmas Angel from
Oodles of Doodles
Country Adoption Center has Angel Adoptions too!
Angelic Child Craft & Triangle Angel Craft
For more Adoption Links visit my:
Annie's "Fun Online Adoption Links" Page

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