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This is a page that gives tips for HTML using Front Page Express which is the program
that Annie uses. It is available free with Internet Explorer 4.0 & 5.0

"How do I add the Matching Scroll Bar Colors?":

How do I add the "date countdown" you have on your
Annie's "How Long Until Valentine's Day?" Page page?

It is important to know that you should generally just put ONE script on a page. Some of your visitors won't be able to see and use your page if you have more then one script.

1) Copy the code below

2) Near the top of the page put the cursor (the flashing line).

3) Go to 'insert' then 'html markup'

4) Paste the code

<script Language="JavaScript" >

day = new Date()
hr = day.getHours()
if (hr < 12)
mystring = "
Good Morning"
if (hr >= 12)
mystring = "
Good Afternoon"
if (hr >= 17)
mystring = "
Good Evening"
document.write(mystring += "
Happy Valentine's Day <br> ~ God offers a different kind of Love.")


<!-- hide this script tag's contents from old browsers-->
today = new Date();
BigDay = new Date("
February 14, 2002")
msPerDay = 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000 ;
timeLeft = (BigDay.getTime() - today.getTime());
e_daysLeft = timeLeft / msPerDay;
daysLeft = Math.floor(e_daysLeft);
e_hrsLeft = (e_daysLeft - daysLeft)*24;
hrsLeft = Math.floor(e_hrsLeft);
e_minLeft = (e_hrsLeft - hrsLeft)*60;
minsLeft = Math.floor((e_hrsLeft - hrsLeft)*60);
secLeft = Math.floor((e_minLeft - minsLeft)*60);
document.write( "<b><font size=4 color=white>
Valentine's Day 2002 will be here in "+daysLeft+" days, "+hrsLeft+" hours, "+minsLeft+" Minutes and "+secLeft+" Seconds</b></font>" );
// -- done hiding from old browsers -->
<!-- E_min and secLEft -->

5) You will want to personalize the date and greeting for your page!! I have put the words and dates that you can and should change in PINK above to help you see it better.

Also if you want some words on one line and then a second line you would need to put in <br> which will "break" or "start" a new line.

That's all you need to do!

Before you add the code to your page make sure you do a test page!!

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