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Pumpkins & Jesus

P is for the people that Jesus
came to save

U is for the unconditional love
to each one He gave

M is for the message that we
should all be sharing

P is for the priceless gift God
above showed he is caring

K is for the King of Kings

I is for insight He brings

N is for the nails in His hands

S is for our Savior who gave
His life so that we could stand.
So when you see a pumpkin
don't think about some guy
named Jack.  Instead
remember Jesus Christ, Lord
of Lords, who is one day
coming back.

~ Author Unknown ~

Submitted by: Sharon Coles
White Dove Ministries

Sharon's Pumpkin & Jesus Idea:
If you have any questions please contact: Sharon
Thank you Sharon for sharing this with all of us!!!

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