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I am the one that contacted you about a "candy corn poem" to print out and attach to my crocheted candy corn (I plan to include them in my daughter's goody bags that she will be handing out to her classmates at their Halloween party at school).  As you know, there is no Christian poem concerning candy corn until now!  With God's help, I created one that others are welcome to use if they like. 

This is it:
                 CANDY CORN MESSAGE
YELLOW reminds us of God's "Light of the world", Jesus Christ
ORANGE reminds us of the fiery flames that Jesus saves us from
WHITE reminds us of the righteousness that is ours through Jesus
The sweet taste reminds us of the sweetness of God's Words!
(Psalm 119:103) Dawn Truett=-)

I have a book about dreams and visions at my Christian bookstore, and it helped me with the meanings behind colors.  I hope this is helpful to others.  At this time of year, when little ones will be knocking on our doors, try what I have done for several years.  Give them "Scripture candy" (you can find it in your local Christian bookstore, by the way, please support your Christian businesses whenever possible...please?) and Christian tracts (there are some printed especially for Halloween and also found in your Christian bookstore).  This may be the only way that some are presented the gospel of Jesus Christ.  So....instead of refusing to "participate in satan's night", give him a black eye by being a light for Jesus Christ! 
In JESUS' Love
Dawn Truett=-)

Here is the poem that I typed up, cut out, and attached to my crocheted pumpkins.  My son-13 and my daughter-6 plans to distribute these to their classmates at school.  I also made enough for my son to take to his FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) meeting. 

God picks you from the patch, brings you in, and
washes all of the dirt off which you may have gotten
from other pumpkins.  Then, He cuts the top off and
scoops out all of the yucky stuff.  He removes seeds
of doubt, hate, greed, unforgiveness, etc.  Then, He
carves a new smiling face and puts His light inside of you
to shine for all the world to see.  Are you letting your
light shine?  Be a jack-o-lantern for Jesus!

The crochet patterns that I used were from under the holiday section.  It's very easy to join to receive free patterns.  When you "click to join" and fill out all of the information, they will email you a password, then you are ready to use the site. 

In JESUS' Love
Dawn Truett=-)

Dawn's Pumpkins & Candy Corn:
If you have any questions please contact: Dawn
Thank you Dawn for sharing this with all of us!!!

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