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"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights,
with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning."
~James 1:17~

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

"A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it:
whithersoever it turneth, it prospereth."
~Proverbs 17:8~

  • Flowers are always a good choice of which has a great selection of
    Mother's Day flowers and if you can't afford them then visit:
    Annie's Flower's and their Meanings Page
  • You can buy some Perfume,or a beautiful atomizer bottle for her to use. My personal favorite
    is "Paloma Picasso". My second choice is Tresor by Lancome!!
  • How about some phone cards? This way they don't have to worry about long distance phone
    charges. You may have to explain how to use them to Grandma or Mom.
  • Hire a Cleaning Lady for a couple of hours for your Mother, GrandMother or Special Aunt. Why
    not give yourself the same present. But if you can't afford to pay for this special service,
    don't despair. You could do the cleaning for them yourself as a present and take your older
    children along as your helpers. It would be "Mommy's Cleaning Service", and you could make a
    Gift Certificate like a professional service with your phone number and have them confirm their
  • Find a background that your mom would like at one of the graphics sites at
    Annie's Graphics Page then use it for the desktop on your computer. Just right click
    on the one you like and choose "set as wallpaper"
  • Why not make some personalized stationery, a calendar or greeting cards with your computer
  • A Journal or blank book for her to write her treasured memories in
  • Print and fill out these Mother's Day Certificates: "Best Mom Award" by Billy Bear
  • Hallmark has lots of different things to offer!! I found some free templates for stationary and a
    neat article about
    keeping memories! Don't forget to check out their version of
    Hallmark magazine!
  • Invite your Mom to come and visit for a weekend. She can enjoy the grandchildren and maybe
    babysit one night for you while she is there. That way you can have a "date" with your husband.
  • A "Rain Check Book" that you make with special things that can be redeemed. For Example:
    a hug; doing the dishes; setting the table; babysitting and whatever your creativity can
    think of........
  • Take your Mom to afternoon tea at a local Bed & Breakfast or Tea Room. Dress up.....
    you can even wear pretty hats too.
  • Make or buy a pretty new Bible Cover for her Bible
  • Purchase a NEW software program........
  • How about a Hardback Book by her favorite author or a new Bible for her.
  • A CD of her favorite Christian Artist or maybe a Classical one
  • You could make a lovely gift basket. Be creative. Maybe use a theme of Gardening or Crafts
    or Reading. For Reading you could have bookmarks, books, Journal, Dictionary, Book cover,
    magnifying glasses, one of those little night lights for the are only limited
    by your creativity.
  • Buy a NEW Tea Cup and Saucer, make sure to include some special herbal teas. My mom had a
    collection of beautiful tea cups and saucers, but no two were the same. It made tea time or
    having company much more fun. I always liked to set the cups out for Mom, that way I could
    see which one was my favorite. You would almost never get the same tea cup. They were all
    different colors, shapes and sizes. Mom would also buy the really special sugar cubes with little
    designs on them. For some tea information and links visit:
    Annie's Teatime Page
  • Ideas for the children: You might want to encourage the children to make their own greeting
    cards. They are also a treasured memory and will be put on the coffee table for the visitors to
    look at. This is a way to teach them that it isn't always an expensive gift that will touch
    someone's heart. For some more ideas visit:
    Annie's Mother's Day Kid's Page
  • This is a Great Photo House from Billy Bear to print & make. It is a gift that can be
    for both Mom and Grandma!

T-shirt Printing - If you have an artistic side, think up some designs that would mean something
to Mom and have one printed on a t-shirt. If you’re better with words, try and think
of something meaningful you can have printed.

A New Gift Idea from Annie:
Mother's Day Bath Basket:
You can make a Mother's Day Bath Basket!! Just put
soaps, bubble bath, scented candles and a few other things that your Mom likes
in a basket with a big bow on top. Of course you can put more in it or less.
Just do what you feel is best for your own Mom. I'm sure she will love whatever
you do for her!! Related Craft Idea Pages:
Bath Salts for Mom & Bath Tea Bags


A Special Present for Grandmother or Mother

"They will celebrate your abundant goodness
and joyfully sing of your righteousness."
~Psalm 145:7~

Why not make a Memory Book?
You can include these items and ideas:

  • Pictures
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Family History
  • A list of your favorite things
  • How you met Daddy
  • What your wedding was like
  • Memories of the child's first tooth
  • Their first day at school
  • Favorite Bible Verses and Hymns
  • How you chose their names

You can put this information in a Journal, Photo Album, Scrap Book or even a binder. Don't
forget to decorate the cover. You can use fabric or stickers. Be Creative! Don't limit your
creativity. They have special pages now that you can slide paper in and it will protect it. That
way you can type and print the pages on the computer. Special fonts and graphics will make
it even more pretty.

Don't forget to put some blank pages in it. This way you can encourage your child to continue
the book you started for them and it can be a project you can do together for the future.

You can also make a "Memory or Treasure Box". Take a shoe box and cover it with wrapping
paper. Use letter or stickers on the top to include their name and the year. This way they can
keep other treasure that won't fit in the "Memory Book". Make sure you encourage them to
write what the treasure is and where they got it. It will also help to teach them to become
a little more organized.

Don't forget the CAKE!!!!!
Decorated Cake on a Crysal Pedestal

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