Annie's "Current End Times News" Page
"For when they shall say, peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh
upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."
~1 Thessalonians 5:3~

End Times News
Do you know what time it is? Are the End Times already here?
Every day we are seeing prophecy fulfilled in the news.

Signs in the Sky???
To learn more visit:
Annie's Signs in the Sky News Page

Mark of the Beast???
7/17/06 -
Insurers to test implantable microchip
6/21/02 -
Put your mobile where your mouth is
1/23/02 -
Microchip implants may save lives one day
Make sure you read:
Rev. 13:16-18
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Human Cloning & Life/Death Related News Links:
7/17/06 -
Congress faces debate on stem cell bill
4/28/02 -
Cloned baby row doctor 'has run out of patients'...
11/25/01 - The FIRST Human Clone!!! "Doctors create human
embryo through cloning, scientists at Massachusetts lab announce......."
Yahoo Daily News has a Full Coverage Page on

Droughts, Floods, Fires & Other Weather Problems
8/28/01 - Wave of disaster warning - "Scientists say a volcano in the Canary Islands could trigger the world's worst natural calamity......"
7/23/01 -
Flood-hit Indians fall ill from contaminated wells
7/13/01 -
Rising number of people affected by disasters
12/28/01 - Natural Disasters Kill 25,000 Worldwide in 2001
1/10/01 - Disasters Killed 17,000 In 2000

Earthquakes & Volcanos
Related Resources: This Site Offers Latest Earthquake Bulletins &
Earthquakes and Volcanoes Section from Yahoo
How Stuff Works offers:
How Volcanoes Work & How Earthquakes Work

8/8/03 - Locusts plunge Mongolian town into darkness
7/17/02 - Grasshopper infestation in the West is considered worst in 60 years
4/19/02 - Afghans Fight Against Locusts - ABC News
Source to monitor Locusts:
World Locust Report Page

Blood Red Rain
8/5/01 - Meteor rain theory dashed
8/1/01 - Meteor blamed for 'rainbow rain'
7/30/01 - Coloured rain and well collapses are investigated

Plagues & Diseases
7/13/03 - Deadly horse disease rampages across US East Coast
7/10/03 -
Algeria hit by plague outbreak
11/26/01 -
Nigeria cholera outbreak kills 400
8/27/01 -
More Birds Positive For West Nile Virus
For more related news visit:
WHO Plague Page

Creating & Ending Life
8/8/01 - Scientists promise a human clone
8/7/01 -
Human cloning make their case
4/10/01 -
Netherlands prepares to legalise euthanasia

One World Government:
1/1/02 -
12 nations launch Euro currency

Mark of the Beast?
10/25/01 - Amsterdam Airport Debuts Iris Scan
10/2/01 -
Will It Be Cash, Check or Finger?
10/1/01 - Soldiers with microchips - British troops experiment with implanted,
electronic dog tag
9/30/01 - Iris scanning planned for border posts?
7/3/01 -
Identity chip raises privacy concerns
6/14/01 -
'Digital Angel' set to fly soon -- "Implant technology to be beta tested
on humans..."
6/16/01 -
'Digital Angel' not pursuing implants -- "Plans to create under-the-skin
monitoring device discontinued..."
2/14/01 -
Meet the 'Digital Angel' -- from Hell
1/25/01 -
Smart chips get under our skin
8/13/00 -
Human ID implant to be unveiled soon -- " 'Wearers' of Digital Angel®'
monitored by GPS, Internet..."
3/20/00 -
Big Brother gets under your skin -- "Ultimate ID badge, transceiver
implanted in humans monitored by GPS satellites..."

Wars & Rumors of Wars
So much going on that the Regular News is now pretty much full of this topic:
Annie's "Breaking News" Page

Science & Technology:
6/6/01 - Arietied Meteor Shower peaks this week on Thursday June 7th
6/3/01 -
Gamma Ray Burst - A tremendous 10-second explosion that occurred
across the Universe
Check Out
Science or Technology from BBC News Online

Christian Persecution
7/14/01 -
Laos Christians persecuted
Annie's "Christian & Religion News About Terror Attacks" Page

As Christians we need to keep up with current events. We need to know how the
end time prophecies are being fulfilled. Keep your eyes open and "Look Up" the
time is short and the hour late. The time is so very short. Do you know what
the Bible really says about the
End Times? If not then it's time for you
to read the Bible. Here is a good place to start.
Jesus tells us what to expect in
Matthew 24.

Strange & Unsettling News
I have been doing the "End Times" news for about a year. When I first started
there were only a "few" related stories a month. Now there are more then
I can keep on the pages and the line seems to have blurred between the
"regular" news and the "strange & unsettling" news.

Wars & Rumors of Wars
"And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be
not troubled: for all these things must come to pass,
but the end is not yet."
~Matthew 24:6~

With so much happening worldwide it is hard to keep up. Even the REGULAR news
is END TIMES news. For current news visit:
Annie's "Breaking News" Page
For All the Other News Pages by Annie Visit:
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