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~A Christian Perspective about Y2K and Natural Disasters~

"The ants are a people not strong, yet they
prepare their meat in the
summer. "
~Proverbs 30:25~

This is my Y2K links only page.
My main Y2K page is listed here:
Annie's Be Prepared Page
A Christian Perspective on Y2K & Natural Disasters

~Link Disclaimer~
I am sure you have seen many disclaimers before. Here is mine: God's Word says to "Prove all things and hold fast that which is good" 1 Thes. 5:21 KJV. On the net as in life, we should be wise and have discernment when traveling. Just because a site says it is Christian doesn't mean it lines up with God's Word doctrinally. Finally, I believe the Lord directs our steps and paths.....yes even our net surfing. So pray for wisdom, use discretion, and have fun on your adventure with the Lord.

Weather Links
USA Today - Weather
Weather Cams A collection of over 700 almost  live cams from WeatherNet
The Weather Channel You can personalize your own page here too.

I signed up for this mailing list last hurricane season. I thought you might want to also. To subscribe or remove yourself from the hurricane mailing list at any time, go to

This free service is provided as a source for tracking the progress of
tropical storms and hurricanes. It should not be used in place of local
safety instructions and warning information.

Related Hurricane Sites: Annie's Hurricane Page

Simple Living Links and Resources
In the Bible there are many verses about planning and being prepared. In biblical times Joseph advised the pharaoh to store food for the coming famine. Joseph's estranged family came to see him. Since he had plenty supplies and had planned to be prepared he shared with them.
Backwoods Home Magazine - the place for self reliance - Frugal Living
The Simple Living Network

Christian Y2K Pages
Christian Computing Magazine - The Y2K Challenge Ahead
Year 2000 Changes
Here is what Jack Van Impe has posted on his Update pages. His thoughts on "End Times" are from a Prophetic and Christian perspective and are updated daily for you to check.

Disaster Preparedness Links
The American Red Cross
Learn2 Prepare Your Kitchen for an Earthquake & Learn2 Prepare for an Earthquake

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