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~Flag Day is Celebrated on June 14th Each Year~

Flag Day is the birthday of the United States flag. It became a holiday in New York State in 1897.
In the next few years other states joined New York. But it was not until 1916
that President Woodrow Wilson established Flag Day by national proclamation.

June 14th is Flag Day!

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Annie's Flag Day Links Page
Annie's Flag Day Page

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Patriotic, Military & 9/11 Tribute Graphics?
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American Heart Wreath
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This graphic from HoneyBrook Graphics
One way to show your support for our troops is to proudly fly the American Flag!!!
DeskFlag is a free download. It puts a flag in the lower right corner
of your browser while you are working on the computer.
Paint the US Flag Online at
Kat's Mouse!


Flag Day & Patriotic Email Cards:
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U.S. Flag Day is June 14th
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Annie's Flag Day Pages:
Annie's Flag Day Links Page
Annie's Flag Day Page

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