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This one is inspired on a beautiful story, that can be found in Acts 3.

If you find the answers, and put the letters in the right order,
you’ll find the name of the temple gate. (Acts 3:2)


1. What was the surname of Joses, according to Acts 4:36? 1st letter.
2. Who said: ”Silver and gold have I none…”? Acts 3:6 – 2nd letter
3. The name of the high priest, can be found in Acts 4:6. 1st letter.
4. I am looking for the name of one, from the seven, chosen to assist in the ministry. (Acts 6:5 – 8th letter)
5. Which man, named in Acts 5:36 had about 400 male “followers”? 1st letter.
6. Which hour is named as the hour of prayer (Acts 3:1 – 2nd letter)
7. “…and the witnesses laid down their clothes at a young man’s ….” (Acts 7:58 – 1st letter)
8. Whom did Stephen ask, to receive his spirit? Lord ….. (Acts 7:59 – 4th letter)
9. What was wrong with the man, who was brought daily to the gate of the temple? He was …. (Acts 3:2 – 1st letter)

This puzzle is inspired on a story – a beautiful story, where a man was healed, in the Name of Jesus. The man couldn’t walk, and was brought to the temple gate, to ask alms.
I sure would have seen that man’s face, when he received the largest gift, that he could get.
He was cured, and his feet were able to carry his weight. What a blessing! He went into the temple, to give the Lord thanks. You can find the story in Acts 3.

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